Modular Granny Flats are self contained, comfortable homes that are perfect for the retirement years.  These portable housing units are designed to be installed on the same lot as the home of a close family member.  A Granny Flat living arrangement can provide for informal  support, companionship and security while protecting privacy and independence.  If a current home is too large a CPS Granny Flat Can provide more suitable living quarters for a comfortable, private, safe and independent lifestyle while maintaining the family structure.

Everything is provided, a spacious living room, a full sized kitchen, master bedroom and a well-planned bathroom.  Granny Flats come complete with a bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets and your choice of interior and exterior finishes.  All you really need to do is move in, we will look after just about everything else.  You’ll be surprised at the affordability and the logic of Ontario’s newest living option: The Granny Flat.

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Basic Specifications