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A Quick Guide to Portable Guardhouse and Why It is a Perfect Security Hub for Your Property


 What’s a Guardhouse?

A guardhouse, also called a security booth, sentry post or watch house, is a portable structure used to accommodate sentries or security personnel and related equipment.
The security personnel are always on call when posted at the guardhouse, watching out for intruders.
A guardhouse can be a portable or modular structure.

Portable Guardhouse


What’s a Portable Guardhouse?

Canadian Portable Structures makes high quality portable guardhouses at an affordable price. Here’s what you should know before placing an order for a portable guardhouse.

Portable or modular guardhouses have been around for thousands of years. The Greeks had them, as did the Romans. The modern day guardhouses are usually portable or modular structures, made from galvanized steel or wood frame.

 A modern pre-fab guardhouse provides a 360 degree vision to the security staff. Also, it is well insulated against heat and cold and ensures maximum comfort to the security personnel posted in the building.

In addition to that, any prefabricated guardhouse made by Canadian Portable Structures comes with features such as floodlights, floor mats, elevated platform and most importantly, a built-in washroom.

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What Purpose Does a Modular Guardhouse Solve?

A guardhouse serves two main purposes.

#1: Access Control Point – Access control means controlling who comes in and who goes out of your residential or commercial property. Access control is an important component of the physical security of those staying at the property, which means protection from theft, vandalism and even terrorism. Having a prefabricated guardhouse at the entrance to your property ensures that nobody slips through the security. Only authorized people are allowed to enter and every entry and exit are logged by the sentry posted at the guardhouse.

#2: Video Surveillance Center – The guardhouse can serve as a video surveillance center. You can have your best infrared security cameras installed to monitor dark, isolated and low visibility areas that are favored by intruders. The live feed from these cameras are closely monitored by the guards posted at the security booth. They will know exactly what’s happening in and around the property and alert enough to catch the intruder or burglar in the act. Also, just having a video surveillance system at the guardhouse along with a sign that states “This Property Is Under Video Surveillance” can act as a very good deterrent against crime.

Importance of a Pre-Fab Guardhouse to Your Workplace Security

There are certain businesses such as banks, casinos, sporting arenas, malls, etc. that are known to have a higher threat level than others. There is always a risk of theft or vandalism and on rare occasions, possibility of a terrorist attack.

Here’s where a guardhouse can prove to be so very important. The pre-fab guardhouse serves as a security and safety hub for the entire workplace, the first point of contact with anyone entering or exiting the business property.

 The security guards are your first line of defense. They are trained to identify any threat to your business well in advance. The portable guardhouse serves as the base station of the video surveillance system and a place where the security personnel can stay in comfort.

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